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About UBC Stephen Ministry

Union Baptist Church began planning for the Stephen Ministry program in 2017.  The goal included to expand the pastoral care of our family of faith and the surrounding Greenburgh Community. Stephen Ministry equips Christians to provide one-to-one caring support and encouragement to anyone in our congregation or community who may be going through a difficult time. Our church’s Stephen Ministry program is a part of a national organization, started in 1975, which trains leaders, provides resources, and consults with its member congregations. If you would like to know more about National Stephen Ministry, go to their website at –

How we work

A UBC Stephen Minister usually provides care to one person at a time, meeting with that person once a week for about an hour.

Twice a month, UBC Stephen Ministers gather with their Stephen Leaders for supervision and once a month for continuing education.
UBC Stephen Ministers provide care for Union Baptist Church members as well as people in the broader community, This enhances and expands our a congregation’s outreach in a powerful way.

Our General Guidelines 

A Union Baptist Church Stephen Ministers (SM) are Commissioned by Reverend Dr. Verlin D. Williams to walk alongside, care about, encourage, and provide emotional/spiritual support to people who are going through a difficult time or a major life transition.

When a Care Receiver’s needs exceed what a UBC Stephen Minister can provide, the UBC Stephen Minister will make a referral to an appropriate church ministry, community resource or mental health professional.

Areas of Support

The Leadership

Reverend Dr. Verlin D. Williams, Pastor
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Dr. Sharon K. Davis
Awareness, Ownership & Peer Supervision Coordinator
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Reverend Daphne S. Swinton
Planning & Referral 
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Reverend Charlene M. Manning
Training and Continuing Education Coordinator ​
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