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Stephen Ministers

If you want to learn more about becoming a Union Baptist Church Stephen Minister please email Reverend Charlene Manning at

The Stephen Ministers at Union Baptist Church are congregation members who are trained, supervised, and authorized to offer one-to-one care to other people approaching or going through difficult situations. They serve others spending time weekly listening: providing support, encouragement, and presence. (click on link for 1 page informational sheet).

Stephen Ministers Candidates who submit application and 3 references receive a personal interview to help them discern if their gifts, and timing for participation in this ministry, are right; if discerned they should advance to become Stephen Ministry Trainees (SMT).  As SMT, they receive extensive training, 50 hours, during which they are learning and continue discernment for this ministry; after completing initial training a final discernment is made, after prayerful consideration of Covenant (that they will adhere to the requirements of this program including twice monthly Supervision and Continuing Education) prior to being Commissioned, or authorized, by Pastor Williams to serve as Stephen Ministers.  

After Commissioning, they are now officially Stephen Ministers who are specifically matched to provide confidential, one to one, in person, care for other congregation members of their same gender (Care Receivers). Further training, continuing education and supervision reinforce that the Stephen Ministers have a role as Care Givers NOT professional counselors. Should Stephen Ministers identify Care Receiver in need of professional counseling services, the Referral Coordinator can help assess and assists with confidential referrals.  

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