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Who are the Union Baptist Church Stephen Ministers?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

We are a supervised team of Union Baptist Church members called to provide high-quality, Christ-centered care to people in our church and our community experiencing life difficulties. We are mothers, a father, retirees, educators, and health care professionals who are caring for parents, children, and others. We are also involved in other ministries and have different interests and hobbies. Our Stephen Ministers have active lives and prayerfully still make time to meet with their Care Receiver once a week for an hour. We all share a passion for bringing Christ's love and care to people during a time of need.

Our ministry began on June 30, 2019, with the commissioning of 15 Stephen Ministers and on May 1, 2022 three additional Stephen Ministers were commissioned. To date, the Stephen Ministry has served approximately 40 Care Receivers. We have logged in over 1000 caregiving hours. A Stephen Minister engages in ministry six to ten hours a month. Bi-weekly supervision and monthly continuing education are resources for Stephen Ministers to reflect on their caregiving, and receive support and encouragement, equipping them to use their gifts effectively in ministry.

The COVID pandemic presented a unique set of challenges. Social isolation, loss of loved ones, and the inability to access health care, food, and other resources became a life crisis for many in our church and community. However, Union Baptist's Stephen Ministry is still strong despite the pandemic! Stephen Ministers quickly transitioned from in-person one-to-one care to meeting and maintaining contact with their Care Receivers via Zoom, conference calls, and text messaging. Stephen Ministers meet weekly with their Care Receiver to listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support as long as the need for care exists.

Stephen Ministers are partners with God in His purposes on earth, caring for others in their time of need. We help ease the burdens of others when we choose kindness, mercy, and generosity. It happens as we take time to listen, pray, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support.

Stephen Ministry is looking for more caregivers - COULD GOD BE CALLING YOU?

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